Monday, December 27, 2010

Brittney Jones (scandalous sextape star) Say: I’m Pals with Demi Moore!

Yesterday, we showed readers a avenue to Brittney Jones recently constant resolute to stop. Yowza!

Now, the 21-year-old, who claims, had an fling with Ashton Kutcher has bared all in a contrasting site make: close to SMS.

Brittney Jones Texts: Im Pals with Demi Moore!

What to do, Ashton on edge? The actor has over the extent of reports that he was mocked on account of his trouble.

Radar Online has somehow got his hands on some lyrics Jones allegedly sent to a confrere. In the chief, Brittney indeed says she’s friends with Demi Moore, in the b, she sees to all marriages between celebrities.

“I did not break any hook-up, in points, Demi and I are sparse friends,” Jones allegedly wrote to a sw compadre.

It is unclear how this would be doable if solitary considers Brittney Kutcher claims she met at a bowling alley and later enjoyed an evening of sex with him on a sofa in the living margin. Perhaps she has in vulgar with Moore after a titbit in the scullery three.

As an eye to the coupling between Ashton and Demi? Jones grouped them into the lifestyle of the false stars, SMS to her pal: reliance. “Marriages” you do not caboodle you pore over relative to Hollywood ”

Brittney do not hanker after anything that you impute to nearby them but think. She is so suitable credibility, it does not?


Brittney Jones Shopped Sex Tape.Brittney Jones confidential video

The woman who romped with Ashton Kutcher on the couch at his Hollywood mansion was in secret negotiations to star in a porn video, has exclusively learned.

Despite waging a legal battle to bar a porn producer from releasing her sex tape, Brittney Jones, 21, shopped herself to Vivid Entertainment in October!

While Jones insisted that she didn’t “want it coming out and I've made that clear” during this exclusive video interview on December 10, has learned -- two-months earlier -- the Demi Moore look-alike had been actively negotiating a $50,000 agreement to release an xxx herself.

What’s more, the brunette beauty had even secured a slice of the tape's total profits.

“The talks began in mid-October and were between Brittney, her talent manager, publicist and Vivid,” a source close to the negotiations told

“She was offered an iron clad commitment of at least $50,000 as an advance on future profits and an additional 30 percent cut of gross sales.

“She wanted the deal, which is why it was extremely curious when she told, "I don't want it coming out and I've made that clear’.”

“Brittney was very interested in having the tape go to the market -- she believed it could launch her career.”

The source said Jones’ advisors had thought the tape could make “at least six figures, or more” in sales.

Vivid said Tuesday it planned to release the tape, titled Brittney Jones Confidential, on December 29, despite Jones and Kutcher’s threats to sue the pants off the porn producer!

Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid, said that while he had received a cease and desist letter from Jones' attorney Richard Sherman, he opted to move forward with distribution.

The movie, acquired from a third party, centers on the sexual exploits of Jones with a former boyfriend, Hirsch said.

Jones claimed to have had an intimate romp with Kutcher at the home he shares with Moore after meeting him at Hollywood's Lucky Strike bowling alley in July and exchanging phone numbers.

Kutcher adamantly denies the affair ever happened.

The Just Married actor fired off a separate cease and desist letter to Vivid after his name was initially touted on the tape’s cover.

Hirsch said, in a statement, “after internal discussions and consulting with counsel, Vivid decided to move forward without using the A-lister's actual name in connection with the sex tape.”


Ashton Kutcher Mistress Says to Brittney Jones sextape - 'I Don't Want It Coming Out'

Brittney Jones had a meeting with adult film company owner Steve Hirsch Thursday afternoon and was there to talk to the alleged Ashton Kutcher mistress about whether or not she plans to release her sex tape, if she still talks to Kutcher and what she would say to his wife, Demi Moore.
"At this point I'm not really interested. I don't want it coming out and I've made that clear," Jones said of releasing her sex tape to Vivid Entertainment.

"I'm glad we at least got a chance to talk and I'll look it over. I've made my position pretty clear but I guess it is something to consider."

As previously reported, the planned sex tape cover touted Kutcher's name on the front, which prompted the Just Married actor to retaliate with a legal letter to Vivid.

"We'll leave that to the attorney's," Hirsch said of whether or not the final product, if released, will feature Kutcher's name.

"The final decision is ultimately up to her [Jones] and we respect her decision."

The 21-year-old claimed to have had an intimate romp with Kutcher at the home he shares with Moore after meeting him at Hollywood's Lucky Strike bowling alley in July and exchanging phone numbers.

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Kutcher adamantly denies the affair ever happened.

"I know what I was told," Jones said. "He [Kutcher] told me they have an open relationship."

"Why would I want to talk to somebody who calls me a liar?" Jones told when asked if she was interested in reconnecting with Kutcher.

"I know what happened and he knows what happened, so why would I want to talk to him?"

As for a future confrontation with Moore?

"I wouldn't have anything to say to her," Jones said.

Brittney Jones confidential Sextape Blocked by Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is upset that Vivid Entertainment is using his name to build hype and sell alleged mistress Brittney Jones' sex tape.
Ashton's lawyers claim Vivid is infringing on the actor's "marketable celebrity identity value" -- and promise they will unleash a legal nightmare against Vivid unless they stop associating his name with the Brittney Jones porn.
Vivid says the company "will respond accordingly."
I think Ashton made f*ck with Brittney, he was just smart enough to send vague texts instead of incriminating ones. I don't think this Brittney ho is going away anytime soon. The tape will be released, sans an Ashton Kutcher association, and then she'll appear on a Vh1 reality show hosted by Dr. Drew. Hoes these days have long-term plans.

Ashton Kutcher's Reported One-Night-Stand:Brittney Jones confidential Sextape

No word on whether Brittney Jones is planning to try and sell her sextape, but the woman claiming to have been Ashton Kutcher's one-night-stand, made the tape with an ex-boyfriend when she was 19-years-old. The ex-boyfriend reportedly has the sextape on this cell phone, so he could be trying to shop it around to the media now that his ex-girlfriend's name has made it into the tabloid newspapers.

"We were together at the time so we made short little clips of us having sex in various positions."

The ex-boyfriend, who has not been named, split up about six months ago when she reportedly cheated on him. Jones has always been known to party a lot and as nude photos have already been released of the 21-year-old, it is no surprise that news about a sextape was close behind.

Ashton Kutcher has denied the allegations he cheated on wife Demi Moore and the couple have just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. Star Magazine has run numerous cover stories that Ashton cheating on Demi and claimed Brittney Jones slept with the star after they met at the Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood in July. The two allegedly texted each other to arrange when to meet up.

Ashton Kutcher has fought back on Twitter, saying:

STAR magazine - you don't get to stand behind "freedom of the press" when you are writing fiction.

Ashton Kutcher's Alleged Mistress Threatens To Sue Over Release.Brittney Jones Sex Tape

This morning, attorneys for Brittney Jones fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Vivid proclaiming that she is "the sole and exclusive owner of the video" and that "any dissemination of the video by Vivid will cause her substantial emotional distress for which she will hold Vivid responsible."

In other words, she'll sue Vivid's pants off.

The tape, which Vivid claims to have obtained through a third party, stars the21-year-old Jones. She made headlines last month when she claimed in a tabloid interview that she had sex with Kutcher while Demi Moore was out of town. The Hollywood hunk denied the allegation, calling the story a "defamation of character."